Monday, March 7, 2016

Amazing Synchronicities In Hi-Fi and AV?

Some of the other hi-fi and audio-video enthusiasts out there had been doing this for more than 20 years, but have you ever noticed the growing number of “amazing synchronicities”?

By: Ringo Bones 

About 20 or so years ago when serious hi-fi enthusiasts who are “mere mortals” can finally afford DVD players that can seamlessly hook-up into their hi-fi rigs. They began experimenting on what they’ve found out on the internet that if you start Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album at just the right moment while watching The Wizard of Oz, amazing synchronicities occur between what’s on the screen and what’s heard in the lyrics and music. I and countless others who have tried it during the past 20 years swear that it works. Since then, this specific hi-fi phenomenon has since been dubbed “Amazing Synchronicities” and has ever since fostered various websites and discussion posts on the internet since the 21st Century began. When it comes to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album and The Wizard of Oz – “who knows witch is which….” Indeed. But did you know that there are other “startling coincidences” and “amazing synchronicities” that every hi-fi and AV enthusiasts can test out on their own systems? 

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Blade Runner also eerily synchs up like a music video. And also at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey where a 22-minute sequence titled “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite” eerily synchs up with Pink Floyd’s Echoes, which is also 22-minutes long. Although Kubrick’s original score in “Jupiter” is already as good as it is. My stumbled upon favorite on You Tube was a video reenactment of the September 16, 2007 Nisour Square Massacre – that notorious Blackwater Security Consulting’s unwarranted shooting of unarmed Iraqi civilians where Tori Amos’ Precious Things (track number 5 of her Little Earthquakes album) eerily syncs in with the carnage - although this piece has been since taken out from You Tube. Maybe the maker didn't pay Tori Amos royalties and got a cease and desist order. And I bet every hi-fi enthusiasts the world over had tried probably almost anything since 1995 after discovering their first “amazing synchronicities” between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album and The Wizard of Oz movie. 

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Georgia Rayne said...

Wasn't Precious Things the 4th track in Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes album? Anyway, I'm planning to recreate that You Tube video where Tori Amos' Precious Things was "synchronized" with that notorious Blackwater Security incident where they shot unarmed Iraqi civilians because that particular video footage can still be found if you Google Blackwater Security but its the version without Tori Amos' Precious Things being synchronized with the carnage.